Aerial Yoga...Fly like a Dolphin!

Aerial Yoga -

Aerial Yoga...Fly like a Dolphin!

At the beginning of my first ever aerial class the Alex (yogi) asked us to share who we are, who inspires us, and what's our intention.  I shared my name, and said my love ones inspires me, and that one of my intentions this year is to have FUN being healthy.  Tada! AERIAL YOGA! 

I've watched a ton of YouTube on Aerial Yoga and I have a slight fantasy of how I would look like doing it.  Despite the fact there was a big disparity in how I really did to the mythical version of me doing aerial yoga, I did not hesitate to try it out! I cannot lie, it wasn't easy but it was FUN.  A few things I failed to do is drink water in the morning.  I did get light headed near the end of class because I wasn't use to being inverted.  So keep yourself hydrated, it’s a must!  Control the long hair 🙂, it can get all knotted or distracting, at least for me. 

I achieved another great milestone, Alex taught me how to do a headstand.  He broke it down for me and I was elated that after just three tries, I did it!  Super proud of myself.  I do have to admit I was sore for a couple of days.  I don't think I've ever moved that way before. 

If you are in Leominster, check out the Dolphin Studio, and keep flying like a dolphin!