Revisiting a Painting!

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Revisiting a Painting!

My Pondered Thoughts: 

Have you ever looked back at one of your paintings at a different time of the day?  I created this painting with no real plan, a common practice when I don't want to get stuck in my head.  Mr. D decided for me that it was done, and he hung it in the dining room.  Just like that.  I had no time to think about it.  So I left it alone.  The other day, I was drawn by the sun coming through and I found myself engaged in my painting all over again.  I saw lines and strokes that I did not see, colors I thought were flat emerged in deeper tones.   

The sun has a way of bringing out the perfection of your imperfections.  It is like wearing no make-up and feeling the rays hit your face so that you have this sun-kissed look.  It will be a mission that when the day comes, in building my dream studio, sunlight will be on top of my must-haves. 

Don't be afraid to let the sun reveal the beauty that you are hiding. 

WholeArtedly Det