What is in Your Fortune?

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What is in Your Fortune?

My Pondered Thoughts: 

We often go out for Chinese at Cheoy Lee's in West Bolyston, mostly on a Friday night.  It's a place where my partner and I get to share how our week went and release any unwanted stress.  Over the years it has become a routine, but one that we always enjoyed together.  It's affordable and tasty. Everyone knows David's name but no one wants to admit that they don't quite know mine. It's been so long, they are probably afraid to admit they don't remember my name.  It's all good.  I think I am the only Asian customer they have, hahahha.   

Not only do I like to eat fortune cookies but I get a hoot out of the humorous sayings.  I wonder what kind of persons actually wrote them.  Every once in a while, I open one up and it's what I needed to hear that day.  

So I asked myself, does it really take bravery to live creatively.  Hmmm.  Well yeah, trying new things, sharing your art, and getting out of your comfort zone!  How can that not be acts of bravery?  All small or large acts of creativity brings euphoria, at least in my world.  I think that is why I love baking or cooking for others because it gives me the same joy as creating a big large painting.  It also can be a simple cute note to someone you love or even a perfect stranger. 

As the Fortune Cookie says, "Be brave enough to live creatively."

WholeARTedly Det.