Welcome to Paru Paro Studios! 

This is my creative haven where I share all my creative artistic curiosities.  I was born into a family that loves to make things with their hands, so it's no surprise I am who I am.  From my Lola, who beaded wedding gowns, my mother who cooked and baked everything from scratch, to my father building our furniture, they all ignited that desire to create and design within me.   

I get excited about making things with my hands and watching others do the same. Discovery of new mediums, techniques, recipes, gardening tips, and yoga moves are just some of the things that fuel my everyday life.  Finding the balance of enjoying the sweet stuff and healthy well-being is my quest to live fully in this cherished life.   

Many of the things I draw, sew, craft are all driven by the nature that surrounds me, the people I love dearly, and the influence of my cultures.  Whether purchasing my art goods and apparel or just checking out my site, my hope is that it brings you joy and desire to use your own creativity to bring brightness in your corner of the world. 

WholeARTedly Det.

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